Let’s say you’re fabricating some prototypes that doesn’t require we’ve built an inventory of six foot simple J channels, C channels. you can come to our website purchase to build those prototypes where you’ve got that small project that doesn’t require oodles of feet of plastic profiles. First thing you’re gonna do is you’ll come to our website,, and this is the home page you’re going to land on. First thing you want to do is hit this red button down here that says purchase from our inventory of stock profiles. So we’re going to click on that and up pops this screen. Okay. So what kind of channel do you need? Well, let’s find out. We’re going to come up to this box. We’re going to search for channels and let’s say you need a C channel, so we’re gonna pick a C channel, C channel you picked in select search. Okay, up pops this screen. These are all the C channels that are available here. You can see we have a number of them. The first one, maybe it doesn’t work for you, but if you scroll down and say, hey, this h 141, those dimensions work for your project or for your prototype. And look, we’ve got 51 in stock of black and 50 in stock of white, six foot lengths. Let’s say you want black and then you’re going to pick black. And then you’re gonna pick how many you want. Let’s say you need five. So you just going to enter five. With that, you can go up to your cart, click on the cart. And from there, like any other online shopping cart, click to proceed to checkout. You’re going to fill in all the information that’s required credit card, etc. And at the bottom you’re going to place your order. It really is that simple. Check out the website

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