Jifram Extrusions has been serving the Electrical Industry for over 36 years. We supply bus bar insulators to electrification systems manufacturers worldwide and produce a broad assortment of insulators to accommodate their varying requirements.

Electricity is potentially lethal; and since plastics do not conduct electricity, they are an ideal choice where insulating properties are required.

Plastic is tough and durable, easily cleaned and maintained. It will not corrode or rot like other materials.  Plastic is oil and acid-resistant.  And it is a good choice for protecting wiring with its outstanding structural strength.

Jifram can extrude any length for your wiring needs, limited only by your shipping options.

From bus bar insulators to any other types of electrical channels, depend on Jifram for your electrical extrusion needs.

Why choose Jifram Extrusions, Inc?

  • Reliable source – you will have what you want when you need it
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extrusion tooling design
  • Tool up immediately for any new or existing parts
  • VMI and JMI programs available
  • Wide variety of material options
  • Short run capabilities
  • Prototypes
    Wide and tall

We invite you to work with one of our design engineers to determine the ideal profiles for your application.  Complete the custom quote form or call Jifram for a prompt quote.