Custom Plastic Extrusion Options

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As your one-stop-shop, we offer full-service capabilities that include in-house no-cost and custom tooling, custom plastic extrusions, engineering design, and much more!

Metallic Extrusions

Metallic Color Extrusions

Metallic colored plastic profiles are a cost-effective alternative to aluminum extrusions or various steel components. They have been field-tested, quality-approved, and are available in many sizes and configurations.

Jifram Custom Tubes Extrusion

Custom Tube Extrusions

Jifram will engineer and produce a variety of plastic tube extrusions from many raw material options. We will also assist you in your selection and planning process to ensure that your plastic tubes serve your needs precisely.

jifram sneeze guard components

Sneeze Guard Connectors

We manufacture Sneeze Guard connectors and living hinges with grippers to join and secure the plexiglass panels used to build sneeze guards and protective shields. Learn more about how we can make it easy for you or your customers.

Living Hinges & Flex Hinges

As a supplier to the POP Industry for over 30 years, manufacturing living hinges is a CORE competency of ours! Our hinges have been field tested, quality-approved, and are available in many sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Jifram extruded grippers

Extruded Grippers

Manufactured with a “friction fit clamp design,” our extruded grippers mount and hold securely without tools. These “grippers” clamp securely to hold your promotional material in place, on a shelf or post to display signage.

CoTri Extrusions

Co- and Tri- Extrusion

Co- and Tri-Extrusion is a precise and innovative manufacturing process where two or more thermoplastic materials are extruded through a single die with two or more openings merging the materials into a single bonded component.

Jifram clear plastic acrylic

Clear Plastic Extrusions & Applications

We offer a variety of clear plastic extrusion materials such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Transparent, Styrolux® (Clear Styrene-Butadiene Copolymer), and Provista™ (Copolyester).

Wide & Tall Extrusions

Wide and Tall Extrusions

Extra Wide and Tall plastic profile extrusions are available up to 22 1/2 ” wide, or up to 7″ high, in numerous material and color options, competitive pricing, and tooling expertise for any job or display.

Jifram Prototype Extrusions

Prototype Plastic Extrusions

Jifram makes it easy and cost-effective to engineer your plastic profiles. Build samples and prototypes to test your extrusions with no investment in tooling!

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