Clear Plastic Extrusions & Applications (Acrylic)

Crystal Clear Plastic Profile Extrusions

Jifram manufactures crystal-clear extrusions in acrylic. Today acrylic, a transparent plastic, has gained widespread use because it effectively replaces glass in many situations. In addition, it delivers cost and durability advantages. Depend on acrylic for excellent optical light transmission, outstanding resistance to sunlight and UV, and superior chemical resistance.

  • signage
  • displays
  • lenses & screens
  • tubing
  • light lenses
  • retail store data strips
  • sight tubes
  • refrigerated displays
  • architectural rulers
  • agriculture & heavy equipment
Jifram clear plastic acrylic
Crystal clear acrylic profiles are perfect for high-end displays.
Whether your job requires acrylic or any other material, Jifram will deliver.