Living Hinges & Flex Hinges

Plastic Living Hinges (Flex Hinges)

Jifram can be your plastic hinge manufacturer. Jifram’s living (flex) hinge designs are co-extruded using polyurethane or FPVC and bonded to high impact PVC. Because of this, our RPVC living hinges, acting as mechanical hinges, are engineered and manufactured to provide almost unlimited open-close cycles — and they always return to their original position.

As a supplier to the POP Industry for over 30 years, manufacturing living hinges is a CORE competency of ours! Our hinges have been field tested, quality-approved, and are available in many sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Jifram Living Hinges

If you are curious about the applications of living hinges, one of our spotlighted applications is using living hinges to build sneeze guard stands, barriers & shields. Head over to our Sneeze Guard Attachments page to learn about how our plastic hinges are utilized in the fight against Covid-19. These hinges with grippers allow for customization and are an alternative to hanging sneeze guards from ceilings.

Advantages of a Living Hinge
  • Engineered to provide almost unlimited open-close cycles
  • Can perform well at low temperatures and can be UV Resistant
  • Acts as a mechanical hinge
  • Our living hinges are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and configurations.

If you have a project requiring durable plastic hinges, we are your source!  For more information about living hinges email customer service or call 920-467-2477. Our customer service and/or engineering experts will be happy to assist you.

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