Plastic Electrical Wire Molds, Bus Bars & Raceways


With 40 years of plastic extrusion experience, Jifram serves electrification systems manufacturers and businesses that require electrical applications worldwide. We understand the many complex demands you face and our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We manufacture plastic profiles for:

  • bus bar insulators, plastic tubing for electrical cords, and other insulating applications
  • electrical cable channels and wiring circuits
  • plastic raceways for cable management
  • routing cables & organizing cords
  • and much more
Electrical Industry

We innovate to produce the safest electrical applications.

Electricity is potentially lethal; and since plastic does not conduct electricity, it’s an ideal choice for protecting wiring with its outstanding structural strength and where insulating properties are required. Plastic is tough and durable, easily cleaned and maintained, will not corrode or rot like other materials, plus plastic can be oil and acid-resistant. Our plastics are simply the best choice when it comes to the perfect combination of toughness & durability, but also come at a great price point & are the safest material when dealing with electricity.

Learn more about the raw plastic materials we use ›

With our engineering capabilities and technical experience, we’re here to collaborate with you to determine the ideal tooling and profiles for your electrical application. Let us help!

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