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Jifram Extrusions, Inc., is your BENCHMARK SUPPLIER and an experienced plastic profile extrusions manufacturer, specializing in custom plastic extrusions and in-house no-cost plastic profiles, in-house no-cost plastic channels, industrial, custom-built plastic pallets and innovative home goods products. 

To meet customers’ needs, Jifram has nineteen extruders and twelve plastic extrusion lines. Our full-service capabilities, including engineering design, in-house no-cost tooling in a wide range of plastic channels and profiles, custom extrusions, and a variety of secondary operations and fulfillment services, streamline your supplier needs. Learn more about our history ›

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We are innovators committed to quality.

Jifram machine line
Jifram Extrusion, Inc.’s 50,000 square-foot facility is located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. We offer 19 extruders, 12 plastic extrusion lines, and a variety of in-house no-cost plastic channels. Jifram will meet all in-house no-cost and custom plastic extrusion needs.

Currently we hold seventeen patents. Our commitment to innovation, constant improvement of our in-house no-cost plastic channels, profiles, tooling and custom extrusions, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology ensures that Jifram Extrusions will remain a leading plastic extrusion manufacturer that you can count on for all your extrusions needs. We have a commitment to quality with on-time delivery and top-tier quality.

When it comes to plastic extrusion technology, Jifram prides itself in outworking and providing more than the average plastic extrusion company. Let us show you why your next quality plastic extrusions and plastic profiles should come from Jifram.

If you have never worked with Jifram we request the privilege of providing a quote for you. We will work tirelessly to earn your business. Get in touch with us and find more important information by contacting us.

If you have done business before, or need local contact information for Jifram,  find your state’s extrusion rep with our active map.