Recover plastic extrusion tooling costs now.
Is it time to check out a new Plastic Extrusions Source? Do you like the idea of the advantages we can provide for your customers but the cost of new tooling is holding you back? We have a remedy for that.  Jifram offers a program that allows you to purchase extrusions with NO TOOLING COSTS!

Here’s the formula for No Tooling Costs

  1. Pay for tooling up front.
  2. Place an order and take receipt of an agreed-upon amount of pieces or lineal feet
  3. Tooling costs are reimbursed.

Jifram offers over 250 stock plastic extrusion tools, plastic channels, and plastic profiles in many shapes and sizes to serve your exact needs and specifications.

When your next product design requires a plastic extrusion or plastic channel and you don’t want the added expense of owning the extrusion tool, we invite you to search Jifram Extrusions, Inc.’s wide selection of stock tools to see if a we already have a plastic extrusion profile that will serve your needs.

If we don’t have a die that serves your needs, we will provide one that serves your exact needs. This tooling will provide maximum efficiency in production and produce a part that holds up to exacting standards. We will help you save on tooling costs and guarantee production of the top quality plastic extrusions.


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Recover tooling costs for extrusions