U.S. Patent No. 4,872,243 and Canadian Patent No. 279,978

Easy Snap

U.S. Patent Nos. #D524,558; #D536,182; 538,053 and Canadian Patent No. 101,948

Easy Wall

U.S. Patent No. #D507,060 and 7,198,159 and Canadian Patent No. 105921

Easy Organizer Bar

U.S. Patent No. #D502,778 and others pending

Easy Cover Attic Flooring System

U.S. Patent No. #D539,933

Extruded Cushioning Insole

U.S. Utility Patent Application #11-743,478

Multi-Hook Fastener Member (Velcro)

US Patent #4,872,243

Separable Fastener Member & Method for Producing Such Member

Canadian Patent #1,279,978

Extruded Organizer Bar

US Patent #D502,778S

Clothing Hanger Adaptor (Narrow Design)

US Patent #D505,020S

Clothing Hanger Adaptor (Wide Design)

US Patent #D515,828S

Clothing Hanger Adaptor (Wide Design) (FPVC Ribs)

Slatwall Extrusion
US Patent #D507,060S

Slatwall Extrusion with Track

US Patent #D507,355

Slatwall Hanger Stabilizing Clip

US Patent #6, 971, 614, B2

Slatwall Groove Cover

US Patent #513,535S

Slatwall Extrusion

Canadian patent #105921

Clothing Hanger Adaptor

Canadian Patent #101948

Clothing Hanger Adaptor

US Patent  #D536,182 CIP of D524,558 S

Clothing Hanger Adaptor

US Patent #D538,053

Attic Flooring System

US Patent #D539,933

Slatwall Extrusion and Assembly Utility

US patent #7,198,159

Slatwall cover with Hardware Track (for wood)

US patent #D563,567

An example of one of Jifram’s patents for innovative plastic extrusions products. With over nineteen extruders and fifteen plastic extrusion lines, a variety of custom plastic extrusion and stock plastic channels, Jifram is your plastic extrusions supplier.