Custom plastic extruded grippers, made from flexible pvc or urethane, are co-extruded to your custom plastic profile. These “grippers” clamp securely to hold your promotional material in place, on a shelf or post to display signage.

Manufactured with a “friction fit clamp design,” grippers mount and hold securely without tools. Signs and banners slide into and release from the gripper with no damage.  As a result, it’s easy to remove signage and replace with fresh materials whenever merchandising themes change.

As a supplier to the POP Industry for over 35 years, manufacturing “grippers” is another CORE competency of Jifram Extrusions, Inc.  We manufacture them in many sizes and configurations to fit your needs. Jifram field tests our “grippers” and deliver a product that provides you the highest quality standards. 


Custom Plastic Extruded Grippers ensure an Efficient Friction Fit Solution

Our customers depend on our problem-solving approach to their POP challenges. Jifram’s professionals will custom design a “gripper” for your specific needs.  

If you have a project requiring “grippers,” we are your source!  For more information call 920-467-2477 or email customer service.  We would be honored to provide you with a quote and earn your business.

plastic extruded grippers provide secure hold
Plastic teeth firmly grip signage
Custom plastic extruded grippers
Our extrusions feature multi-use friction fit "grippers"
Signage easily locks into place