Jifram Extrusions has been serving the residential and commercial Garage Door industry for over 36 years.  A company known for innovation and quality, Jifram manufactures astragals, retainers and thresholds to your exact specifications. For those custom jobs specified by your architect or designer, we will design various types of weather seal products to your exacting specifications.

Extrusions for Garage Door Industry offer multiple benefits:

Astragals, retainers and thresholds provide energy efficiency and also protect the garage and its contents from wind, rain, snow, and pests. Engineered for durability, we construct garage door weather stripping using flexible PVC that will hold up in all conditions. This weather stripping will not crack, shatter or split under the weight of the door. In addition, this material is safe for use on all standard garage surfaces. Furthermore, the PVC is resistant to gas, oil and other commonly used commercial and household chemicals.

Jifram garage door profiles are available in bulk or pre-cut lengths for standard size doors. Count on us for all of your garage door necessities.


Why choose Jifram Extrusions, Inc?

  • Reliable source – you will have what you want when you need it
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extrusion tooling design
  • Tool up immediately for any new or existing parts
  • VMI and JMI programs available 
  • Wide variety of material options
  • Short run capabilities
  • Prototypes
  • Wide and tall

We invite you to work with one of our design engineers to determine the ideal profiles for your application.  Complete the custom quote form or call Jifram for a prompt quote.

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Residential garage door companies depend on Jifram for quality extrusions
garage door thresholds are engineered to fit all sizes
Serving commercial applications
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A variety of astragals, retainers & thresholds