Unlike a lot of extruders, we have roughly 250 stock tools. What do I mean by stock tools? These are tools that we own. They’re not proprietary to our customers. Since we own these tools, we’re able to give instant quotes on these stock tools. And they’re simple J-channels C-channels, A-channels. So if you need one of these simple channels, chances are we have that stock tool and we can provide you a quote.

Now what’s interesting is that you may need a J-channel that is close to our stock tool. So in a lot of cases, a project manager will come to our website and get a quote from our stock J-channel, knowing that it’s not exactly what he needs, but it’s close enough to give him an idea as to what that pricing might look like. So he can plug that into his quote and a lot of our project managers that we deal with appreciate that. It’s maybe not exact, but it’s close to what they need. And that’s what makes us different is that that instant quote on stock tools.


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