Look, we’ve been servicing the Point-of-Purchase industry for over 36 years. So we get it. We understand it. Typically our audience is a project manager or estimator. We understand what that guy does, what his needs are, what his pain points are. And we, I don’t think believe, we know that we scratch their itch, we solve their problem. And again, a big part of solving that problem or scratching their itch is our website. This guy is project manager. He’s putting a quote together for his customer and he needs information. Typically he’s working with five different vendors for his project. I’ll be one of those vendors.

And I want to make sure that I’m getting him what he needs for his quote, so then he can move on to his next vendor where he needs to get information. And a lot of these project managers are working remotely, they’re working 24/7. And they like coming to our website because they can get an instant quote. If there are some questions on what design they need for their profile, they can get it all there. So what’s the bottom line. I provide them information so they can satisfy their customer. Because quite frankly, it’s their customer that pays all of our bills. So we understand their challenges. We understand their pain points and we scratch that itch. No doubt about it.


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