Jifram’s inventory of stock tools

Jifram's Inventory of Stock Tools
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Jifram Extrusions is a custom plastic profile manufacturer. So we do a lot of custom plastic profiles, but we also have an inventory of many stock tools. Tools that we own and these tools are typically simple j-channel, c-channel, h-channels. But tools and profiles that you may find beneficial or helpful to you and your project. What does that do? Well, first of all, it saves you that tooling cost because we already have the tool. But also, since it is a stock tool and we do have it on our shelves, we can provide you an instant quote on that stock tooling. So I’d invite you to visit our website, Jifram.com, and take a look at our inventory of stock tools. Chances are there’s a tool there, in a shape that you need for your project.