In today’s video, we will be showing you how to use’s new instant quote feature. Upon landing on, scroll down to the large green button, or use the instant quote button in the top right-hand corner. You’ll be directed then to the “stock plastic extrusions” page, where you’ll be asked to select your profile style or enter your tool number directly, if you have it. Once you’re ready, press the green “search” button. You’ll then be directed to the page with all the tools that match the specifications of your search. Once you’ve found one, that looks like what you’re looking for, press the green “get an instant quote” button. You’ll then be directed to the “receive an instant quote” page, where you will start your instant quote process. You can choose to quote up to six quantities at one time, if you’d like. You’ll then be asked if your length comes in linear feet or you can choose a custom length, if you’d like. Next, you’ll provide your color. That can be black, white, or anything else with the custom option. Finally, we’ll ask your tape preferences. If you do need tape, please press this box, where you’ll then be asked your width, color, number of strips, and in this box here, please provide any notes that you have on tape placement. If we have questions we’ll reach out to you directly. When you’re ready, press the “next” button on the bottom. You’ll then be directed to a page that asks for your contact information. Without this information, we can’t send you your quote. So please be sure to enter your email address, phone number, name, country, state, and any additional comments that you have. When you’re ready, and everything looks good on the right side here, please press the green “submit” button. An instant quote will then be on its way to your email inbox and you’ll see it on the screen. You have the option to download this quote as a PDF, modify this quote, or start a new quote entirely. Please call us with any questions or email us at Thanks, and please come again.


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