With the events going on in today’s world, we understand that maybe people need to start rethinking their sourcing strategy. In fact, some customers are starting to rethink their sourcing strategies. They realize that when they buy everything from overseas, that could put them at risk if those supplies for whatever reason are compromised. And of course, we’ll be here. We’re happy to say that everything we make is proudly made here in the United States, in the small town of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. And we hope people appreciate that.

As people rethink their sourcing strategies and bring production back to the United States, we are ready. We have the capital, we have the resources to tool up and take it to the next level. In fact, we welcome that opportunity. And we fully expect that to happen that, hey, people are starting to think, maybe I shouldn’t be purchasing everything from overseas because if there is a disruption in that supply chain, next thing you know, they’re stranded. And hopefully they come to us for help. We are ready, able, and willing to go.


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