What separates a good vendor from a not-so-good vendor is when things go wrong. Let’s face it, when things are going great, everybody’s happy, but what happens when things go wrong for whatever reason? The bottom line is that my customer has a problem and I need to help him solve it. So if we have to FedEx, overnight, airship product, we’ll do that. If we have to make a design change in the midst of production, we’ll make that change. That’s when we get tested, when things go wrong.

Last week, we had a guy call and said, “Hey, look, my customer needs product next week, and I know you have got my purchase order and my purchase order doesn’t call for my product for at least 10 days. Is there any way you can get me product sooner?”

Again, we’re flexible. We looked at it and guess what. We did what it took to get him what he needed when he needed it. And what did that mean? That meant bringing people in over the weekend to work some overtime to get it out. That meant arranging overnight shipping to get him what he needed when he needed it.

Again, his problem became my problem and that’s okay. That’s what we’re here to do. That’s what a true, valued supplier will do, share the pain with you. And that’s what makes us different.


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