We’re unique in the fact that we can make a profile up to 22 inches wide. That’s very wide for a plastic profile extruder. We can also do them seven inches tall, which is unusual in the industry. But I think what makes us different than any other extruder out there is our website. If people come to our website, we want to make sure that we delight them, I mean absolutely delight them. What do I mean by that? I want them to walk away with the information that they need to make their job easier.

For instance, we have an instant quote feature, we’ve got a custom quote feature. We talk about design tips, we talk about material selection, and a host of other things. If you have the specs for the part that you’re designing, you can simply take those specs, come to our website, request a custom quote, upload those specifications and within 48 hours, we’ll return that quote to you, to your specifications.

Our vision is for our website to be a resource for you, a trusted resource for you. Any questions you have about plastic profile, come visit our site. We hope you walk away happy with the information you need for your business or for your customer or whatever you need that information for. But that’s what makes us different, it’s that website.


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