Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

Customer Services vs. Customer Experience
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As a marketer, I view customer service differently than I do customer experience. To me, customer service is pretty straightforward. It’s linear. It’s hey, that customer comes, we have what they need, we deliver it to them on time. They get it on time at the right price, there’s no mistakes in billing. And if there is a problem, we take care of that quickly. You need good customer service just to being the ballgame and certainly, we offer that. And like everybody else, we say that. Customer experience to me is different. That’s about building a relationship with our customers. I want our customers to walk away saying, hey, those folks at Jifram, they’re genuine, they do what they say, they say what they do. I trust them, I want to build a relationship with those folks. A relationship that lasts a long time and possibly, even share our story with some other people. So, our goal is to give you a great customer experience. Not simply great customer service because everybody claims they do that.