Jifram’s extruding capabilities

Jifram's extruding capabilities
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Jifram is unique in the fact that we can extrude profiles up to 22 inches wide or 7 inches tall. Now we can’t do that combined, but 22 inches wide or 7 inches tall. That’s something that a lot of other extruders cannot do. The other thing that we can do is, we can co-extrude and tri-extrude. Again, two processes that are unique to us, and a core competency of ours. We can also make plastic extrusions look like metal. So if you were looking to replace an aluminum extrusion, a powder-coated steel part in your project, maybe we can do that for you as well in plastic. So, some core competencies of Jifram Extrusions include the fact that we can go tall and we can go wide, we can co-extrude and tri-extrude, and we can also extrude profiles that look like metal.